Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Strong African Woman (Audio)

Monday, 18 January 2016

Words Of the Day!

Friday, 15 January 2016

January 2016, The Month Of Celebrity Beef

Most of our artistes have entered into the year 2016 with controversies following them like a sugar ant to chocolate doughnut.

First it was Davido and his baby mama drama, with both parties trying their best to destroy each other's reputation before the world, forgetting that they have a child involved, who would grow to hear about the very unnecessary drama between her parents.

Then we moved to the very short lived fight between Olamide and Don Jazzy, which was again very unnecessary, but I will not lie that I did not enjoy it as it unfolded, especially the memes that came from that very short lived beef. I almost wish it could have gone on a bit longer as we hardly get this kind of entertainment.

Now it is between Wizkid and Dammy Krane. At first, I laughed when I saw Dammy Krane's tweets accusing Wizkid of stealing and then I laughed again when the story broke that there was a fight between them at a club.

I just have to ask why January 2016 seems to be a hot month for celebrity beef not that I am complaining, every form of entertainment is welcome

Monday, 11 January 2016

To Have A Large Society Wedding Or Not

A lot of people around me are getting married at an amazing rate and though I am really happy for them, I am surprised at the amount of money it costs to get married and I just have to ask, is it important to have a big wedding.

Why is it that people are not happy with having a small wedding, with maximum 20 people in a small hall and not bother themselves about finding a really big location?

These are the same people that will ask you to come and buy aso-ebi for 50K not caring if you can afford it or not, they just want to recoup their wedding losses on top of the heads of their guests. Is it by force?

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Is The Size Of The Ring Really Important?

So your man decides to pop the question, he sets the mood, prepares a romantic meal with candlelight, slow music, the works and then he gets down on his knees and then pops the question and opens the ring case. Behold! The smallest stone you have ever seen sits in the case.

Do you take the ring and kiss him lovingly and tell him you love him and will marry him? Or do you tell him that the ring is way too small and he needs to get a bigger one before you get married.

If he spends his savings buying you a large rock, then you shouldn’t complain when the both of you have  to drink garri for a while before he is able to recover financially.

Does the size of the ring really matter? Shouldn’t it be more important that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you?

Friday, 8 January 2016

Do You Makeup Fantasies In Your Head Right Before Falling Asleep?

88% of people start making up scenarios in their heads that most likely will never happen, right before falling asleep.

I was going through twitter and I saw this tweet and I thought to myself, "that is so true".

 I know that I make up a lot of fantasies in my head once I am unable to fall asleep. I just get sad sometimes because I draw the most fantastic scenarios, where I can eat as much as I want and not gain a single weight, but my ass would disagree with that one.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Would You Marry Someone You Just Met Three Months Ago?

 Immediately we got into the New Year, my mind has been strangely blank and I can’t seem to muster up any inspiration to write.

This was the thought going through my head this afternoon and I started wondering why that was. I never did get the answer but I finally got something to write on.

Would you marry someone you just met three months ago? I have heard of a situation where a couple who just met 3 or six months ago got married and I wonder if the time was enough for them to know and understand each other.

I guess I am pretty old fashioned when it comes to this, I believe that enough time and at least 2 years should be given for the courting stage before marriage.
Anything beyond 2 years and you need to start asking yourselves important questions as to the destination of the relationship.

But these are just my thoughts, what are yours?